Language Acquisition Module

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General Information

LAM - Language Acquisition Module Provides many function for all species. The LAM is about as common as a watch, usually a permanent attachment.

The LAM is a small microchip embedded into the brain of a young baby after birth. After the child learns his native language fully, up to 10 languages may be directly taught or uploaded into the brain through the LAM. To keep the LAM from being intrusive or causing problems with the wetware connect, this limitation is created by design. Some societies even ban the use of the LAM as they believe it harms the soul, and may be considered abusive to the body and brain. The LAM more so acts as an ability to allow the user to understand languages rather than give them full vocal ability, especially as not all languages are vocal. The ability to speak languages other than the user's native would be up to the skill and dedication of the user.



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