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Home System:
  Jatzcionic System, Delta Tri-Sector
Home Planet:
Age Range:
  Life on physical plane ends on average at the age of 167 to 245
Psionic Type:
Faction Member :

Notable Features

Look just like terrans, Male avg height: 6'8 ft. Female avg height 5'3. Jacindare have very hypnotic eyes. Usually have dark hair, a select few are fair, and if they are it is by artificial means.


1,573 years ago, Jacind and Jatz were founded when two warring brothers, Jacind and Jatz Rimaldin, were traveling in space. They both settled on Jacind. They met with the people and showed them new technology and a new perspective to life. Then there was conflict when the The 3 core laws of Citizenship were being developed. Jacind wanted a peaceful society based on love and appreciation. Jatz, a realist wanted peace, but he felt in order to maintain peace in the galaxy, Death and destruction was the way to go about doing it. This was when a large battle occurred between the two brothers and their supporters. Finally, Karame, a local village woman suggested that Jatz go reside on the neighboring planet. Jatz took this advice, and him and his followers developed a war and scientifically based society on Jatz. The two groups are still in conflict.

Other Information

Senses: Senses are the same level as Terrans except for hearing. Jacindare can not hear as well as Terrans, to adjust this problem, space faring Jacindare use a hearing aid.


Jacindare originate from the USI member planet Jacind. A peaceful race that have developed highly Psionic abilities, the Jacindare people appreciate the liberal arts, literature, and philosophy. As all Jacindare are given one psionic gift, most usually do not need to vocalize their thoughts to one another in order to communicate, but can do so for the benefit of off-worlders. It is a natural ability, and likewise the strength of the skill varies from one to another. Skill level is based on the age of the Jacindare, how much they have developed and what their gift is. Most develop the ability in adolescence, but a few Jacindare are born with active psionic abilities that may cause severe mental problems due to their inability to control the gift. “Quieting” is a skill that is absolutely necessary for the well-being of a Jacindare, particularly for those with keen Psionic skills.

Externally, Jacindare are among the most Terranoid species on record, and are indistinguishable from Terrans in every aspect. They can reproduce with Terrans and many other races, although this will dilute, if not eliminate the Psionic abilities of the offspring. The only race in which the gift will not be diluted, in the DNA mix with the Jatz race. This is because the Jatz race is identical to the Jacindare, just their society is based on a different moral code. (see Jatz) The children of such a union often develop half of their gift rather than their full Psionic abilities, though they can still communicate Psionically with their Jacindare parent and a bonded mate. Full Jacindare are unable to read the minds of the PR Null, but some half Jacindare have been occasionally successful in sensing the emotions of these species.

The Psionic abilities of Jacindare need strict discipline to control and confine to oneself. In more mature Jacindare, medical conditions such as "Cayohom Syndrome” which can occur and a breakdown of control mechanism allows psionic gifts to influence surrounding people. For even the most disciplined Jacindare, the ability to fully experience their “gift” can be too much, and a mental block must be firmly placed between the Jacindare and the outside sources.


Jacindare society tends toward more formal and elaborate traditions and ceremonies than most cultures in their present evolutionary stage. Some of the rites often make the more conservative USI offworlder uneasy at first, most notably the traditional wedding ceremony in which everyone must switch their roles. The woman takes the man’s role, and the man takes the woman’s role in society until the Wedding Ceremony, which lasts a week, is through. Though there are no official gender-based restrictions in place within Jacindare society, women have traditionally held many positions of authority.

Jacindare are a technologically advanced culture, but they don’t use their technology. The Society is based on the Jacindare’s 3 core laws of citizenship.

1. Don’t abuse the power of knowledge

2. Don’t take pleasure from other’s pain.

3. Everything and Everyone has a place; Don’t disturb the natural order of life.

Anything that goes against the Code will result in judgment and punishment from the High Jacindare Council. The High Council is made up of people chosen by the people of the land. High Council delegates have two gifts, and must reside on the planet Jacindare.

The proper Jacindare wedding is rich with symbolism. It is customary that all people, guests and participants must switch gender roles to attend the ceremony, to symbolize that, physically and spiritually, there is nothing different between everyone, that all are sharing in complete cooperation in the spirit of harmony and unity. The ceremony itself is also rich in symbolism. The groom walks in, followed by his mother, who pulls on his arm, trying to stop him. The groom keeps walking, and his father steps into his path, holding up a hand in a signal for the groom to stop. The groom gently but firmly pushes his father out of the way and walks to the front of the room. At this point, the bride's parents enter, the bride's mother sobbing loudly. The bride sits in the front row. A woman who is equivalent to a maid-of-honor enters and walks up to the bride, saying "I welcome you to the house of (groom’s family name)." She then escorts the bride to the side of the groom and the ceremony proceeds. The bride wears a blue band in her hair, which she tosses over her shoulder to a crowd of waiting men. To the man that catches the band, it means that the love of his life is at his door.

Jacindare are a race of pacific philosophers who are more likely to observe than act, and consequently have little use for weapons or even defense systems. Their planetary defense system is very advanced to their waring cousins the Jatz. The Jatz are affiliates with the GA. Jatz and Jacindare battles are few, but the two races try to prevent confrontation. If confrontation does occur, the war is an extensive one.

Known Abilities