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Home System:
  Alternate dimension
Home Planet:
  Hypes Fluxion
Age Range:
  Infinite PSI, Body recycles
Psionic Type:
  Pure PSI
Faction Member :

Notable Features

8 Legs, Extremely tough carapace, single ocular organ, large brain, no mouth.


Other Information

Hyperfluxs exist in an alternate dimension of the USI universe. There they co-exist in a more fluid state. The space that exists, is even fluid. because of this, the Hyperfluxs cannot exist in the USI dimension without rebirthing themselves, but by doing so they still remain their general form and abilities from their dimensional Realm.

Rebirthing is a method of transferring a Hyperflux's conscience to another host, or life form. Every 1000 years in the fluid dimension, the hyperflux shed its old body, for a new fresh one. The old body is immediately dissolved into the existing space. The new bodies come from queen hyperflux, who do nothing but hatch fluxlings. Fluxlings are empty shells who need an Omni existence to come to life. Omni's are birthed by any two mating Hyperfluxs.

The Hyperfluxs do not operate on a hive basis, but do communicate purely through PSI, due to lack of a mouth, and breathing apparatus.

Flux's generate their own oxygen, and do not need an atmosphere to survive in.

To survive in the USI dimension, the Hyperfluxss must take an existing organism, and merge it with a Omni. The host is immediately killed, and its DNA is spliced with the Fluxling to allow the fully grown flux to exist in both dimensions.

Known Abilities