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Home System:
Home Planet:
  Hormidia (destroyed)
Age Range:
  300-400 years
Psionic Type:
  Metorian / USI Common
Faction Member :

Notable Features


The Hormidians were known to be allies with the Metorians before the formation of the USI. They provided much technological and research support to the Metorians, in exchange for the protection of the advanced Metorian fleets.

The Hormidians' homeworld was destroyed by the Tarcelli, an ally of the Bek'kir, soon after the Metorian - Bek'kir wars. They then became a free lance group, defending whoever they decided to. They will often assist those in need, and protect those who are endangered. What is left of their government is an ever unstable anarchy. Many Hormidians have taken refuge in Metorian space, while others have drifted to various worlds of loose colonies or outlaw groups.

Other Information

They generally use their small stature to their advantage, working very well in tight places. However, with their small frame comes low strength and quickness. While they lack in these areas, they are quite strong mentally, having great ability with things of a technical nature, as well as all other sciences of the mind.

Many Hormidians have also been found to be Anti-Psionic, able to resist Darkarian mind control to a high degree, which allowed them to resist the Darkarians when they had come to seize the Metorian homeworld, but at the expense on sacrificing their own to the Tarcelli.

Known Abilities