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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I join ?

  • Answer - Do not use the Login/Create account at the top of the screen. This is used solely for site administrators to manage the site and content. The site uses the Mediawiki system for this. Game Enrollment is available via the link on the left (Join USI-RPG)

Question: I've Submitted My Application, however I have not yet been placed on a ship/list...

  • Answer - We get a lot of applications where people do not make their first character edit. This is required as stated in the emails in order to be placed on a ship. This is's form of a double opt in, or sign up Verification. If you are serious about playing the game, be sure to edit your bio for the first time! If you have problems editing your Bio, contact me

Question: What is a 'Post'?

  • Answer - A post is a message sent in, by email or through web interface, to contribute to the running story or plot line.

Question: How do I post ?

  • Answer - Simply write an email or use the web interface, with your contribution to the story. A typical post will be about two - five paragraphs long describing detail about what your character is doing, or describing the interaction between your character and another players, or with an NPC. You may also post about what is going on an NPC ship, or what is happening in another area , Weather, exploding conduits, rippling space, a homeworld dying, etc. For details on posting, you should check out the How to play page.

Question: Where do I post to ? (What list am I on? )

  • Answer - Once your application has been accepted, you will be placed on a list. Usually the list moderator will send you a welcome letting giving you information which you need in order to post to the list, and any other details you need to know. Typically the list name is the ship name (Ie, you are on the ship USI Means, the list name is ).

Question: I just signed up, what do I do now ?

  • Answer - After you sign up , you will receive a USI General Welcome letter with your User ID. Take a few moments to edit your character profile to put the finishing touches on your character. Once you have modified your character for the first time, this lets us know that you are ready to be put on a list. We will not put you on a list until you have edited / modified your character at least once. Then Wait until you are assigned to a ship/list. When you are assigned, you will receive a welcome letter from that ship giving you the list email address, and other information pertinent to that ship/list.

Question: How many characters am I allowed in USI ?

  • Answer - Two. We keep track of everyone who signs up in USI. We try to limit the amount to two so that concentration on a character isn't neglected, and to allow other players a chance for advancement in USI. We know that USI is fun to play, and that often times having ten characters is fun because you get to experience other ships. But this can be a disadvantage to other players. Especially if all ten of your character all grow in the ranks quickly. We need to allow for everyone to have potential and growth within the game. If you need to expand your writing, please feel free to use NPC's.

Question: Which rulebooks do I need for this game? is this D&D?

  • Answer: USI's play system is uniquely designed for the purpose of freeform writing. The How to play and the Rules of Play as well as the Character System go into detail on how to play as well as the rules and how the character system works. The Character System is an evolving system which we modify now and then.

Question: Is this a computer game?

  • Answer: This is a play-by-email-game. So yes and no. Computers are required to play, as play is done by email submissions.

Further Support

IF Your Problem -

  • Is with another character or player on which you play on, you must contact your List or Listgroup Moderator regarding the situation.
  • Is with parts of the website, send an email to describing which part of the website you were viewing, what browser, and your connection speed. A game staff will try to resolve your issue.
  • Is with not receiving email, check the lists link to check your list for new email. Chances are, if the list doesn't have new email, then either the list is just slow ( no activity ) or your email provider could be rejecting our emails as spam. Make sure you put the listname in your address book and that you allow email from the lists. The other possibility is that we might have your email address in the database incorrectly. This can be due to submitting an incorrect email address, or a typo somewhere. In either way, contact and we will get fixed for you.
  • Is that you just barely joined USI, and have not been put on a list. Please be patient and you will be placed on a list soon. Game Staff and List moderators are volunteer work.

Report Abuse

Like in every day life, no one is perfect and sometimes people, systems, and situations are abused. With USI this can also be the case. However rare it is, we request that you tell the Administration of these occurrences. Let us know so that we may rectify the situation. Send an email to to report. Your identity will be kept confidential and anonymous.

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