Galactic Alliance

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Galactic Alliance
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  Corporation (See Terran Authority)


General information

Diplomatic Status with USI

Enemy. Although the GA is largely at war with USI their initial reasons have faded away due to the Darkarian infestation of the GA upper leadership structure. There are fleets of the GA who have been able gain autonomy and consider USI a Ally.

The Original reason for the GA becoming an enemy date back when Marccus Vagen claimed the Stealth Project Ship under Galactic Salvage Laws, preventing them from gaining a new technological foothold over the other Trisectors.


Up until the last few years the GA was a huge bureaucracy. Everything was documented, and a form for nearly everything had to be filled out. Some officers even took this too far. At the time before the stealth arrival, they were confident that peace was in the galaxy, but then they only covered a small portion of the Omega Trisector.

With the rise of the Darkarian rule, the universe was sprung into a huge and bloody war. The GA had been left without a strong military since it changed into more a police service than anything else.

The Darkarians seized their hand on the pathetic GA and immediately gained control of their assets and their leadership.

As of that point, the GA gained all that the Darkarians had to offer, including sacrifice of their way of


Although the GA is ruled by the Darkarians, many hate the GA now and wish to destroy them. Many small rebel factions have grown, so it is possible to find a renegade ship every now and then.