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Home System:
Home Planet:
Age Range:
  10 to 30 years
Psionic Type:
  All fuzzballs make a particular sound, such as a buzz, a sizzling or something that sounds like electricity.
Faction Member :

Notable Features

The fuzzball is a soft, furry warm-blooded animal which looks like a hairy ball. Fuzzballs are extremely cute and huggable. Its hair can be static, especially near energy resources. Its hair can have any color and sometimes even changes, depending on the circumstances. The eyes of the fuzzball are also visible, but sometimes hard to locate.


The creation of the fuzzballs is shrouded in legend, but sages say they came from a place of absolute cuteness. According to one legend, this place is a planet which is a puffball in itself. Billions of fuzzballs live on this living planet. No one has found proof of this planet, and many doubt they ever will. The legend says that the planet moves trough the universe sometimes touching other planets, where fuzzballs fall off and spread themselves all over the planet eating all its food resources until nothing is left.

Other Information

Communication: All fuzzballs make a particular sound. This can be a buzz, a sizzling or something that sounds like electricity. The fuzzball seems to communicate through subsonic pulses of sonar. Its language seems to be very complicated, and so far no one has ever spoken with a fuzzball. It also seems to like certain sounds, especially the sound a soliton core makes.

Reproduction: Fuzzballs reproduce by eating an enormous amount of food. They keep eating and reproducing until there is no food left. Their sense of smell is very good and they can smell food within sixty feet. Without interference they can overflow an entire ship.

Movement: Fuzzballs move by hopping and bouncing around. They can magnetize themselves and attach to any ceiling, wall, equipment or person. A fuzzball can jump ten times its size and always lands safely.

Sub Species

(Too add later...)

Known Abilities