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Home System:
Home Planet:
Age Range:
  700-1500 Terran Years
Psionic Type:
  Expletun Common, High Expletun
Faction Member :

Notable Features

Fraawn are humanoid in appearance and differ little from the standard humanoid pattern with exceptions to having higher than normal stamina and constitution.


Fraawn is actually a slang term for an unnamed subservient species created by the Expletuns during the height of the Expletun Empire. By this time the expletuns were known for creating all sorts of species, and while some were for the purpose of just creating diversity, others were created with specific purposes in mind. Fraawn were largely considered a complete failure, being overly subservient and unable to distinctively create their own culture. They were known to Fawn over others, and eventually were given a slang name as Fraawn over the years. Despite not creating their own culture, Fraawn still procreate only among themselves showing largely incompatibilities with all other races. They live only within very small family groups, and generally with their proprietor.

Other Information

It is unknown how fraawn select and choose mates, on their own. In many cases, Fraawn are bred and traded like property, especially mostly on the fringes of Expletun space. While the Expletuns initially decided to try and protect Fraawn, due to their subservience and docility, they were unable to control the situation. Because of this, Fraawn are generally considered only partially sentient and are regarded often as pets, and often less than such. While they have rights, they were limited as simply they refused to exercise them.

It is known that Fraawn can be taught, and seam to pick up on languages quite quickly. They understand and largely perform what is required from them.

Over the years Fraawn numbers have dwindled as support for their treatment and removal of breeding programs were encouraged among the empire.

Known Abilities