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Psionic by Product


Psionic by product is a thick silvery substance extracted directly from the pituitary gland and blood. This silvery substance is found to be a direct by-product which all psions excrete. Afterwards. PBP is used as a variety of drugs which is not only addictive but also very dangerous.

Every psionic being produces pbp in some form or fashion. Although the ability to exert enough that is dangerous is limited by the effects the by product has on each organism. It acts as a natural restraint in overuse of psionic abilities.


Originally the relationship between psionic exertion and the side effects (often referred to as exhaustion regardless of its effect) was unknown and thought as merely in relationship to energy the body has to run before it gets tired and needs to rest.

The Orrin however have found the effective component which was made aware in 2826, Orion.


Duais is the term the Orrin used and gradually the Psionic community is beginning to adopt its word for its scientific name. It is found that while removal of the Duais seams to curb the effect, it actually causes damage to the psionic system. The Orrin seam to side step this issue with the reintroduction of the substance as a narcotic-like drug.

It is thought that the Darkarians have know of this relationship for a long time, and may even have influenced the Orrins culture with this scientific discovery even as much as thousands of years prior to the 2826 galactic introduction.