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Home System:
Home Planet:
  Conquera (destroyed)
Age Range:
  2000 Years
Psionic Type:
  English derived
Faction Member :

Notable Features

Reptilian in appearance. Skin Colors: green, red, and brown. Pointed ears and some with antenna (recessive).


Dating back thousands of years, the Dragoon have always been immersed in clan conflict and battles. Had it not been for outside influence, like many other races, they would have never seen space travel due to their priorities being in different areas. As space travel became a normal part of Dragoon life, clan rivalry grew worse and the emergence of the Royal Dragoon and the considered rebellious Clan the Fire Dragoon became the dominate clashing clans of the Dragoon. At times entire smaller clans have been wiped out leaving only the Royal and Fire Dragoons.

As time grew on, these smaller clans have respawned and claimed allegiances to one or the other. While all types of Dragoon existed in the clans, their difference was in what element they worshiped and how they did so. Despite the Fire clan being more numberous, the Royal Dragoons had the practice of the Fire Dragoon banned from all Royal Dragoon occupied territory. While many of the Dragoon have hope that a unification could eventually happen, outside observance does not show this to be possible. The fighting of the Dragoon have grown so intense, that the home planet of the Dragoon, Conquera was destroyed in an attempt to cripple the Royal Dragoon who had been gaining power. Since that time, the two clans have been locked in a stale mate of power.

Other Information

The Dragoon are a shamanic humanoid race of Reptilian features. Like many races, they have general appearance of Humans, but the distinct reptilian features set them apart from your standard human race. Sporting scales, leathery wings and even claws, many call them a Dragonoid race. The Dragoon are shamanic, respecting and worshiping nature, specifically the elements. Most Dragoon bare a dragoonic symbol, or tattoo symbolizing the clan which they belong to.

The Dragoon are split into hundreds of clans throughout what is known as their spatial territory. There are but two main dominating clans, and the smaller clans will typically fall unto one of these two. The Royal Dragoon and the Fire Dragoon clans vie for power and leadership over the smaller clans.

The Royal Dragoon clan is considered to be upper class and wealthy, descended from a Hero of the Royal Dragoon millennia ago. They are aristocratic, and often practice suppressive techniques for their control and power amongst the clans. While very political, they train relentlessly and warship the elements of Water and Air. These elements require absolute concentration and mental conditioning, and this elemental worship has given the the Royal Dragoon the label of being a pure clan. After mastery, the Royal Dragoon's wings tend produce a blue mist instead of fire from their wings. This mastery often takes more than 200 years, and few are actually able train to become masters.

The Fire Dragoon are considered to be mid to lower class. They are laborers and work hard. They worship the elements of Fire, and all Dragoon are able to learn at least basic skills. It is up to families to seek out a fire master, and request that he take upon himself an apprentice to advance their technique. Mastery in the Fire worship results in wings which emote flames and excellence in the mastery will turn the Dragoons eyes pure white. It is said that at this level, the Dragoon are able to even control lightening and electrical energy. The Fire clan is considered to be a rebel clan by the Royal Dragoon and its clans.

Despite the Royal Dragoon clan being considered upper class and desired of, it has been found that their elemental worship and ability to train to mastery is purely up to the individual. When it comes down to it, not one is greater than the other.

While Dragoon are known to have the lifespan of up to 2000 years, many do not live that long due to the long standing clan wars and inner species conflicts.

Known Abilities