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Home System:
Home Planet:
Age Range:
  0 - 100 is young, 101 - 300 is middle-aged, 301 - 600 is old. There are Dermiuns who have reached to the age of 613, but never older then that.
Psionic Type:
  Dermian, Telepathic
Faction Member :

Notable Features

Dermians appear like Terrans


Despite living so close to Darkarian space, they had lived largely unaffected by them. Throughout their history they had lived largely in peace amongst themselves with few conflicts. Shortly after the awakening of the hive in the year 2XXX (Date undecided as of this writing, corresponds with the opening of New Era) The Dermiuns were assulted by the Hive and reduced their population from 10 trillion to several thousand. Historical documents show that this was actually the second time that the Darkarian Hive had invaded their planet. The first time was repelled by the Expletuns.

Other Information

Dermiuns resemble humans in almost every way physically, however not as strong or quick. Socially they differ greatly, being friendly and helpful and very peaceful especially among each other. They like being with others and being alone is what they hate most.

Dermiuns are a psionic race who believe their aureal abilities to be magic. They learn it from their parents and from schooling. Dermiuns are one of few races on which the whole race have natural access to their psionic skills. The abilities Dermiuns use is taught to be used always for good or to protect themselves. Their abilities have often been thought to be shamanic or druidism in nature, being associated with healing, nature, and an affinity with animals.

Despite their social behavior, the Dermiuns are quite proud of their own achievements as a race, and often do not accept technology or advancements that would artificially inflate their development.

About the planet

The planet is approximately three times the size of earth with most of the surface covered in water. There are 5 major large landmasses with the remaining land being made up of large islands.

Two notable continents are Ravjo and Rirooje. Ravjo is the biggest and the most powerful government entity resides there. Rirooje is smaller, but very beautiful. It has the most considered beautiful places of the whole planet, such as the Hot water springs in the coastal mountains. The jungles (where the biggest creatures, ever seen, live). And of course the beautiful white beaches.

Known Abilities