DQS Crystal

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General Information

Dark Quantum Singularity crystal are not as rare as MQS or as powerful. Where the MQS crystal can take any form of energy (Light, electromagnetic, gravitational, psychic, etc...) and focus it and amplify it, the DQS takes psychic energy and converts it to any other form of energy or takes other energy and converts it to psychic. They are not just black but completely absorb all light in all spectrums, and emit psychic noise as they convert the light to random psychic energy. We have displayed the MQS Crystal and Technical Sheet for referrence because of its phsical similarities to MQS.


The current only known source is in the mountain ranges of the planet Xtar. The Darkarians use them in communications systems converting signals to psychic energy and back and in weapons that rend the fabric of space-time due to feedback between