Cyborg Factions

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Cyborg (Overview)
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The Cyborg Factions are hundreds of separate factions which have come into existence from the multiple developments of Cybernetic Augmentation from virtually every known species and faction. Please see Cybernetic Technology Report for more information about Cybernetics.

Diplomatic Status with USI

There are several Cyborg factions which are allied with the USI. In general the Cyborg Factions ignore the state of the galaxy and focus on themselves unless it involves them directly, such as a Military Expansion/Conquest.


As technology developments increased, and the introduction of Androids and other Cybernetic based lifeforms were introduced, the interest of Bio Mechanics did as well. While the Terrans were the first to create Androids and biomechanical augmentations, they stopped their development shortly after Earth was destroyed, and later began to redevelop those technologies. By this time other factions and races had already developed some level of knowledge. The Terrans still had the upper hand and ultimately developed the first Cyborg.

Being more powerful, he overcame his creators and immediately left the top secret research facility, but not before taking with him all the plans for duplicating the procedure. Since that time he created Cyborgs to create his army and empire. However, many of them had their own ideas of their future and rebelled, splintering the Cyborgs into many other Factions. Each separate Faction had their own military strength, scientific capability, and Government type. The Cyborg Factions are mostly within the Zeta and Delta Trisector.


As the dawn of new technology came, so did the possibility of new medical sciences, and merging of the two. In attempts to help those who were left limbless or who were lame, also came the unnatural enhancement of normal body function by way of Cyberkenetics, or BioMechanical Augmentations.

Those who become Cyborg, or invest in Cyborg Augments, sacrifice much. Different mental traits associated will slowly diminish as more augments are implemented. In order to accommodate the augments, parts of the brain are altereed to allow these to function properly. In the case of medical study, unused parts of the brain, or small amounts are modified as in most cases only minimal parts of the body are converted into Cyborg, or Augmented. IN cases where massive augmentation is performed, often times the augmented lose personality traits, sense of self awareness, and conscience.

( In short there is a sacrifice to become Cyborg. Some cultures would consider it to be your soul if you wanted to be a pure cyborg. Those who are now Cyborg, lose something, even if its simple as social skills, or the ability to charm a woman for a date. )