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Cyborgs are any living being who augment their body with Cybernetics. Implants are usually categorized by the degree they modify the body relative to their natural state.

Type Zero

Complete cybernetic transformation with minimal original biological form left. Most cultures consider Type Zero's to no longer be a living being.

Type 1

Implants in which the Cyborgs are wholly dependent on to survive and involve complete organ replacement with extensive Type 2 integration.

Type 2

Type 2 implants are Neural specific to enhance mental and cognitive abilities as well as provide for enhanced computer integrations and communications. The LAM/CIIM is a lower end Type 2 implant.

Type 3

Augments which push beyond the Zero sum state providing unnatural ability and enhancements (such as increased strength.)

Type 4

The most basic type of Cybernetics, usually installed to overcome a handicap reletive to their own species natural ability. This is usually in the form of Zero Sum implants in which remove a handicap to return the individual to a normal functioning life. These implants are physical in nature only (such as limb or secondary organ enhancement (not replacement)).