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Home System:
  Tau Delta 4 system, renamed as Brekka
Home Planet:
  Brekka I, Brekka II, Brekka V, and Brekka VII
Age Range:
  Varies from Clan to Clan, but is always less than 200 Terran years.
Psionic Type:
  Each Clan has it's own language and dialects, some are more easily comprehensible.
Faction Member :

Notable Features

Long horns extended from side of head that end in sharp points, shortened nose that's almost like a snout.


Other Information

The Brekka are a race of genetic offshoots; the current Brekka race is comprised of four Clans or Tribes, each is a Brekkan descendant, but has different characteristics to the others. Their original homeworld was destroyed by centuries of war, and the entire race took to the stars to find a new home. An internal dispute arose on arrival, culminating in the assasination of the Great Prophet, their Leader of the time, and the four Clans separated. Each settled a different planet in the Solar System, and built a new life for themselves.
Currently, the Brekkan Clans do work together in Unity, but occasionally there are some disputes, which are solved by the Brekkan Council of the Tribes. This consists of a pair of representatives from each Clan, who decide on the major decisions together, and elect the Clan Sub-Governments, who in turn run each planet, with a fifth committee to oversee the Space Division.

There are 4 different Clans:
The Taura - Are physically larger and stronger than the others, mostly built for combat. Since gladiatorial fighting was outlawed by the Brekkan constitution, the Tauras hone their physical abilities in one of two directions: either they join the Brekkan Military, or they become athletes on the Galactic stage. Their physical stature makes them appear more intimidating than they actually are, and most if not all are very low on the IQ scale.

The Menla - A Clan of thinkers, not workers. The Menla are excellent scientists and designers, as well as Doctors, but are frail and hardly able to defend themselves except with technology and gadgetry. Their main feature is that they have a third eye just above their nasal ridge. This makes their eyesight better, but their other senses suffer as a result.
The Hakunn - Stealthy and secretive most of the time, they lie in the shadows and prefer subterfuge in contrast to confrontation. Often regarded as the most untrustworthy clan, but perhaps one of the smartest and certainly the finest strategists that exist. They seclude themselves from most other races, and have the intruiging habit of spending a lot of time playing games, ranging from simple brain-teasers to complicated mind-games.

The Yayehna - Female-dominated and slender in size. The Yayehna are strong for their build, and quite agile. Usually they are Hunters, seeking out their food on vast game reserves. They are very interested in external contact, and make excellent diplomats, but are occasionally erratic in some respects, and do little else but Hunt food all day.

Each has itss own Political agenda and together work to make the entire Brekkan race a larger power in the Galaxy. Their Military is small, but often well-disciplined and loyal to it's strong leaders, and their technology level is slightly lower than that of USI and it's enemies.

Known Abilities