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Home System:
Home Planet:
Age Range:
  34-70 Years
Psionic Type:
Faction Member :

Notable Features

Large Chested Green Color Lizards Jet Black Eyes


Since the interference of the Darkarians earlier in times history, the Bek'kir have been used by the Darkarians to minimize the growth and development of the Metorians. Periodically the Darkarians would transport Bekkir to Metoras in overwhelming numbers and take the population down to very limited quantities. Due to this conditioning, the Bekkir have always hated the Metorians. Since the intervention of the Expletuns, the Metorians were finally allowed to redevelop thier society fully. After this, a group of Bekkir launched their own attack after they had gained space flight in the 25th Century. They were defeated severely and lost most of their leaders. Since then the Bek'kir have increased their hatred and loathing for the Metorians, and went into seclusion. Many have forgotten about the Bek'kir save it those who deal in their Territory, the Metorians, the Darkarians and of course, USI.

Other Information

The Bek'kir are a warlike race who have always relied on brute force alone. Their starships are typically built specifically for combat, containing limited, yet powerful weaponry.

The Scientific community of the Bekkir is almost non existent, only available to keep their technology consistent to what is absolutely necessary beyond combat.

Society of the Bekkir is patriarchal, while female Bekkir do grow larger, the males are more intelligent, and contain most roles with leadership. Females are historically used as slaves and soldiers.

Known Abilities