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Age Range:
  Up to 150 Terran years
Psionic Type:
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Notable Features



For hundreds of years the planet developed along very similar lines to those of most planets. The first real society to develop was an agrarian system, and the Balaxians quickly became competent farmers living peacefully. Nevertheless, over time, the population grew and the people began to migrate and explore their planet. Over the years, they colonized much of their planet. Establishing new colonies and powerful dynasties. Eventually a leader was selected by the ruling dynasties to lead the people. Because of this, a strong cast system emerged. The population was split into five distinct casts

Manual worker (backi)
Artisan (Cersi)
Orofessional (Hundr)
Warrior (Jentok)
Priest (gau'kul)

The leaders of the planet mainly moved into the casts of Hundr and Jentok, using their positions to consolidate their power and confirm their dominance on the planet, it�s people and the way it was governed. Therefore, the planet continued to develop, socially and technologically. Making advancements within government when the lower classes achieve emancipation, and a civil government, answerable to the ruling dynasty was established. In the fields of technology the Balaxians developed ion engines and began to move out into space, establishing space stations, and a planetary defense force. However, this attracted the attentions of an alien force. This alien force invaded and drove the planet into centuries of dominion. They forced the Balaxians in serfdom, suppressing their advances and setting them back several decades. The aliens assumed command of the planet, forcing the Balaxians into camps and carrying out genetic tests on them. Billions of Balaxians died. Research after the occupation showed that the unknown aliens sought to create a breed of super soldier. The Balaxians under went several genetic enhancements. Their tempers were shortened, making them more aggressive. The ability shift to the Balaxian warrior mode, engorged teeth and claws, was made easier. Their agility was enhanced. And their bodies had nanorobots introduced, to dull pain and aid healing, although not able to slow ageing, the nanobots can heal slight injuries in a few hours, or major ones in days. This led to the downfall of the aliens. The Balaxians used these newfound abilities to lead a revolt, for years a war was fought for the dominance of Balaxia.

Eventually the Balaxians won, and began to re-establish their own civil government and they began to venture out into space. Slowly at first fearing other alien races. They became a withdrawn society, preferring self-sufficiency rather than trading with other races. Eventually the Balaxians did begin to head further out into space, re-establishing bases and stations. It was during this time that they came across USI. At first, it was a military stand off situation, but eventually the two forces began negotiations and talks. This culminated in a cultural exchange. The high point of this exchange was when a member of the Balaxian planetary defense force enlisted in USI.

This has lead to strong relations between The Balaxians and USI. The relationship has grown even stronger, as a Balaxian officer is now a commanding officer in USI and serving as the Balaxian ambassador to USI. It is hoped that the relationship will continue to grow, and eventually that Balaxia may become part of USI itself.

Other Information

The planet has a strong cast system, featuring five casts, going from menial workers to priests. (the royal family died in the occupation) The Balaxian people developed from a cat like creature giving, them a cat like appearance, and abilites. During the occupation, the population underwent genetic manipulation, and now feature an enhanced healing ability, still yet to be classified by science. Tere enslavers where eventually driven out of Balaxia, and the planet began to slowly repair itself. The fear that they will return will always exist! The planet also has a strong fighting culture, and enjoys lots of fighting styles. The preferred style is Pjentak Silat, a very effective form of martial art.

Balaxia is a planet with in the Omega Tri-Sector of the known universe. She is the third planet with in a small system called Balation. She rotates round a solitary sun [balas]. Unlike many planets, A feline species similar those that can be found on Earth (Terra Alpha) took hold, and began to evolve. Eventually they reached a level of evolutionary development composite to that of modern man. To all intents and purposes, they appear to be human. What sets them apart from normal humanoids is the feline part of their physiology that they retain. Their canine teeth remain enlarged. Their hair if often long and thick, some humans have likened it to that of a big cat from earth. Their fingernails are in fact claws, which can extend in times of extreme pressure. They retain much of a felines sense of balance, which makes them brilliant athletes. They tend to be stronger than a normal human as well. Their faces can occasionally have distinguishing marks such as stripes or spots.

Known Abilities