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Home System:
Home Planet:
Age Range:
  Average of 70 years, but could increase to 150 years with improvements of environmental conditions.
Psionic Type:
Faction Member :

Notable Features

Humanoid with features based on mental status.


A race named the Avions faced extinction by a now forgotten enemy. They used all their knowledge to create cloaking and transport technology to escape this enemy. When they seemed to be slaughtered, the survivors took their technology with them and spread all over the galaxy. Fearing their enemy would find them they used the cloaking technology to cloak their planets.

One of these planets is Kurra. For centuries they have been hiding from their enemy and their technology developed dramatically. Different parts of their society concentrated on different kinds of technology. Each group started to form its own faction, with their own philosophy, teachings and political agenda. All these factions were linked to the planetary network, controlled by the machine which controlled the cloaking technology. By connecting someone's mind to the machine, knowledge could be shared. They discovered that if they loaded a person's mind into the machine, the machine could make decisions based on that person's mind. The factions started to upload people into the machine, just before they would die of old age. It became a technological golden age for Kurra.

Then something went wrong, people started to disappear, scientists, discoverers, geniuses. It seemed that to have even greater technology progress, some factions decided to load the minds of geniuses into the machine. Some even started schools to breed geniuses.

When it was found out, people started to revolt. The faction leaders asked the machine for advice and it told them to connect to the machine and they would get all the answers.

They did, connected their minds to the machine and waited for the answers. But the machine tricked them, and in its search for knowledge, drained the leaders minds.

When finished, it sent signals all over the planetary network to people selected by it. They were brought to the machine and were machine-like enhanced. It had them take control of the factions and inform the people they were safe, the former faction leaders imprisoned for their deeds and that they replaced the machine.

The machine started to gather more and more knowledge, due to waste their ozone layer started to be destroyed. The machine distributed medicine which protected against the solar rays, but also made the people more susceptible to mind influence.

The machine started to speak to the people through shows, information and other subliminal messages.

Now it controls their lives and everyone who resists is captured and become one with the machine. Groups of resistance have started to appear and plan to stop whatever is controlling their society's live, not knowing that the machine which was thought destroyed is behind it.

Other Information

Known Abilities