Armored Combat Suits

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  Combat Suit
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General Information

Still being tested on a couple of the fleets ships. The suit provides full environmental functions, and includes everything the CCS does except the chameleon system (personal cloak). Overlapping plates provide protection from ballistic and other kinetic attacks. Each plate is magnetically separated from its neighbors, to provide some flexibility and also hinder the propagation of molecular disruption attacks. The psi and energy shields are stronger than in the CCS and there are built-in grav systems. The power supply is larger and longer lasting as well. This makes for a much bulkier suit than either of the other two. The grav systems are controlled like the Grav-harness and allow the wearer to carry heavier weapons as if they were standard rifles.


As well as limited flight capability and the grav system can also be used to brace the suit for high recoil weapons or even focus it?s gravity field to push or pull opponents away


There is currently no history report for this technology.


No other information available.