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Notable Features

Hair and eye color varies


Arachniea was devistated by natural disasters, and is now a desert wasteland. No one lives there anymore, as they have all left in search of better lives.

Other Information

Arachnions look like terrans with varied hair (purple, bronze, silver, blue or green) and eye (purple, orange, gold, copper, or black) color.

Arachnions go through three stages of metamorphisis in their lifetimes. The first stage is full maturity as an adult, and happens around age 15. The second stage involves growing two extra sets of arms, taking place around age 18. In this stage, it is not unusual for the individual to perish from the harsh biological changes his/her body is going through. It takes roughly one galactic week for this stage to complete. The third stage happens around age 21, and gives the individual the ability to stick to most surfaces. This stage is also harsh on the body's system, and many Arachnions perish from the stress.

An Arachnion's mind is structured in a way that doesn't allow them to stray from PSI level 1.

Known Abilities