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  Common, LCM
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General Information

Roughly the size of a 1/3rd the LCM, and often integrated into, the medisys is attached usually to the thigh of the wearer. Originally designed as combat medical assistant, the Medisys has three vital functions in aiding soldiers on the field.

  1. Diagnosis Computer. The Medisys has a direct link to the LAM module located in the brain, and can report all vital statistics about the wearer via onboard computer interface, or another local computer source.
  2. PSD. Personal Shielding Device can provide up to four direct substantial hits before losing containment. The PSD is not regenerable. This provide limited cover so that trained medic's can assist them.
  3. Pain Killer. When injuired in the field, the Medisys can detect damage, and supply pain suppressors until medic's arrive.

The Medisys vital Stat functions have now been incorporated into the shouldercomm as an addon device. PSD and other functions still remain on the Medisys.


Created by Medic / biologist Lilly Demonas while server onboard the USI Stingray.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


No other information available.