Starship Transport Network Nexus

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General Information

STNN's allow any vessel that can enter a gate sequence to travel through a series of transwarp conduits created and held by the STNN gates. The vessel does not return to normal space until it leaves the last gate in the sequence. Due to the indirect nature of the system travel often takes longer than a direct flight by a transwarp capable vessel. Also traveling to points between gates requires the use of normal drive systems. However, these form of transportation is significantly quicker than Spatial Compression or other Faster than Light Flight systems. There is commonly at least a STNN for every kiloparsec of space, and often there are several per kiloparsec. While many of the technologies involving the STNN's are now understood, it is largely unnecessary to build new STNN's as there are already thousands of STNN's in existence connecting nearly every part of the galaxy for fast and effective space travel.


The STNN's were built by the Expletuns as a means of moving about the Galaxy quickly and effectively without needing to outfit their fleets with individual Transwarp drives. Since Transwarp gateways could also become unstable and often navigation was difficult while in transpace, the implementation of the STNN was not only far more effective, but also safer as well.


The STNN's were built by the Expletuns during their exploration years prior to the creation of the Chosen, and their destruction. Built over the course of several thousand years, the Expletuns developed their Network of Nexus's in their primse using even by the current era, state of the art technologies.


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