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There will be two (2) parts to this Handbook/Guide/Players Manuel. The shorter part dealing with NRPG logistics and the second dealing with RPG. Both are somewhat important in effective playing in order to make the USI Experience most rewarding and enjoyable.


Post Rate

Non-Administrative players should post at least three times a week to be considered for any of the promotions (rank advancements.) If you unable to do this, we recommend you notify your captain so that we are aware and don't accidentally remove you from the game. If you go without posting for about 8 weeks, you are automatically removed from the game. You may end up at Tryst Training, a 'holding' area if you are unable to post for about 4 weeks. This is to make sure that new players are given the chance that you were by making those positions available. Should you wish to return, please begin posting to the ship, but we aware that your position may have been replaced and you might end up as a Junior officer again.

Post Length

A post should be considered as a full post counting towards your overall total for each period if it is 200 words or more. This is about 4 paragraphs and less than a page of written text. It should be long enough that you are contributing to the overall story, as well as providing for interaction, depth, and progress to the plot or your character in which you are writing about. Posts which are too short don't help much towards the plot and can be difficult to interact with due to the limited content and detail which is provided. When starting out, we understand that often you are still getting into the groove of how everything is done and how the game is played. So often Captains will be relaxed with this rule while you get used to the co-operative writing enviornment. So don't sweat it in the beginning, you'll be writing up volumes before you know it.


The Reccommended format is outlined below.

(1)NRPG :
(2)RPG :
(3)Rank and Name
Ship Name Ship Registry
Ship Class

The first of these (1) is NRPG. NRPG Stands for NON-ROLE-PLAYING-GAME. This is used to indicate that the following written is either having nothing to do with the plot, game, ship, or USI. Often times this is used to ask questions, tell about an idea, or tell the crew members to post as a human being in earth in the 20th century. This is the way we communicate as writers.

Second (2) is RPG. RPG stands for ROLE-PLAYING-GAME. This is what we write. Our stories, our thoughts, dreams, and plots. This is were the action takes place. Where romance, war, love, and hate all are written in the age old art of story telling and creative writing. Here, our characters become the voice and action of life, and here our characters are developed.

Third (3) is the Signature. The Signature is what we use to identify ourselves. Because each ship/post has upto 12 members on it, each given the free will to post about other characters and things and events. Because this can cause some confusion on what is going on, the signature is a must to help us identify what is happening, and who is making it happen. Only one is absolutly required when having a signature. That being your characters name and Rank. However, it is extremely recommended that along with your characters name and rank, also include his/her Position, and ship name. This makes it easy to identify your character as well as help others use your character in posts of their own.


When posting on the server, it is very important to be mindful and courteous of others. Harsh and Vulgar language is not permitted, as well as intense Sexual Content (regardless of material). This includes most of everything that would make a movie Rated "PG-13" in respect. Language and Sexual content should be kept at a "PG" level. This is to be mindful of our younger, less mature audience.

RPG / Universe


When one posts, the object is create an environment in which others can participate. This type of an environment is called our Scene. The Scene in which this particular game resides in is of course Outer Space with futuristic Science Fiction as our main theme. If you will please read the history, you will notice that USI's history is unique compared to any other rpg.

For Example, one character, named Lilly Demonas, started out as quite a brat. Somewhat stuck up, rather impersonal, and frankly seemed cold. The writer didn't intentionally create her this way, but that is how she turned out at first. After about 6 months, Lilly developed into someone who actually became friends with the crew. When at first it seemed she could actually care about others, she let go of her selfish desires, and gave her life for another ( she didn't die though.)

This is a good example on how someone grows, how a character develops. In USI there is no such thing as a perfect being, or one who is the " best ". Especially if they just joined up in USI. In USI you really do honestly start out as a babe in nothing but a uniform. Skills and abilities MUST be developed through the experience of writing.

Granted your character will already have some talents and abilities. BUT, what fun is it if you are already the best at everything ? So the solution is, you aren't. Right now USI has a leader by the Name of Fleet Admiral Kerok Seccour, who is highly respected even by other factions of space. Why ? Because he didn't start out omnipotent and unbeatable. He had to grow to achieve a level of power. He always wasn't Fleet Admiral of the Unified Space Intelligence; he started out just like all of you right now, and he worked and wrote his way into leadership, ability, strength, power, and even love. EVERYTHING was developed through the process of writing. The Character is now four years old in Writing, and 7 years old in design and thought. So naturally, Fleet Admiral Seccour WILL be better at things than you are when you start out. But he isn't the best at everything.

Who you are

YOU start out on a ship or station (depending on where your training takes place) as a crewmember/civilian in the Unified Space Intelligence, acting as a USI Officer. Everyone who is part of USI, is IN. There is no grey area. Officers are strictly bound by directives of USI yet have a rewarding future with experiences and often times after ten years, their required service contract is up. They may, if they so wish, continue in USI, which most officers do. Most officers join for life as USI provides a better life than if they were on their own.

Currently with the last events that have occurred, the main antagonist, the Darkarian Hive had just made an assault against the major factions of the Galaxy (Yes, they have the resources to do that) bringing the Galaxy into a new dark age. USI specifically has been hit the hardest, as USI was the most against the Hive, and USI was the ancient opposition faction from the Original Expletuns.

A year after this assult, with most factions shrinking their empires trying to avoid the Hive, USI launched decisive strike at the Hive, killing the Hive Mind himself, Torikor. With the will of the hive destroyed, the Hive became disrupted and splintered. With powerful Masterlords and Elders taking reign over smaller broods, the general goals and will of the hive has now changed, allowing the galaxy to mend and factions willing grow and explore again.

Unified Space Intelligence

More information about the Unified Space Intelligence (USI) can be read up at the USI Section. See the Other Tab for more specifics such as Positions, Ranks, and Departments.