Unified Space Intelligence

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Associated Species :
Location :
  Core, RIM, Free and AnarchSpace
Military Info :
Leadership/Government :
  Military-like Faction.


The Unified Space Intelligence is a Military Faction, reorganized by Marccus Vagen and Kerok Seccour under the direction of the near extinct Preserver Faction of the Expletuns. It is known that the USI has actually existed longer as a front for Preserver activities who often use the USI to accomplish tasks they no longer have the man power to do themselves, despite having a vast superior technological advantage. USI Claims to exist as a force to deal with the Darkarian infestation problem which plagues nearly every species and faction of the Galaxy.





Ships and Other Craft

Fleet Organization

USI Layouts


At the time of its reorganization, Marccus Vagen had recently claimed the Stealth Project ship, a Joint Galactic Alliance and Metorian Alliance collaboration, under abandoned ship salvage laws. The GA almost immediately became hostil, while the Metorians took the opportunity and created a strong alliance with the newly formed USI.

Shortly after its creation, USI made strides in reactivating many abandoned Preserver outposts and stations, as well as claiming a few other previously unsalvaged stations and rebuilt them for its own use. Among those, and most notably was the Massive Star station Tryst and Galaxia.


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