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Separation between NRPG and RPG

Operations in USI-RPG are different than they used to be. One of the first and foremost changes is the distinct separation of RPG Ranks and NRPG Status. What this means is that players will play in the game, and progress their characters even up into the Admiral ranks without being required to moderate or participate in the function of game operations. During their play experience we will keep tabs of the players and their abilities to moderate. After they are at a point where we are comfortable with their skills, at this point may ask them to become a list or listgroup moderator. The assigned list may or may not be on a list or listgroup on which they currently play, and the rank of their characters has no bearing on this assignment.

List and Listgroup Moderators

Lists are of course the different ships, stations, or community lists which we run or will run. List groups are likewise a group of lists on which a moderator will attend to. This is more or less a USI-RPG Game authority hierarchy. One or more List Moderators may be assigned to a specific lists, and some list may be used for training or trial periods.

Like before, the coincidence between Captain and List Moderator will likely often occur, as well as Admirals and Listgroup Moderator, however we wish to stress the separation and the distinction between the two.

Game Staff

Game staff positions are typically more technically oriented. We attend to the site content, manage lists which need managing (such as adding or removing members) as well as decide and assign the list/group moderators. We also handle any list/group moderation and provide as another higher up past if they should need that assistance.

RPG Positions

Even though we've separated the specific roles of List Moderation and Character Ranks, certain Character Ranks still come with some responsibility for maintaining positions aboard a ship. That is if you are a Captain, to be the Ranking Captain of a ship, you have a few duties, however they are all posting related. Captains and Admirals responsibilities are also listed on their own pages. If you are one, please read through. If you have any questions, please ask.

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