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SO, if anyone see's this discussion, i'm looking at some time shifts for when things happen. In reality the only effect this has on the universe is a few numbers, and that's it.

Currently we had the GA's Stealth Project Ship start in the late 2300's to the 2400's and then the ship appeared in 2818.

The two time shifts would be that the Stealth Project ship would be placed in the late 26-2700's and the reappearance would be like n the 33-3400's. Slightly longer time jump, and i wanted to give enough time for the GA and Terran authority to actually become that large and ....distorted ;)


What else does that change? Bob 11:10, 2 May 2007 (MDT)

Not Much

When it comes down to it, not much else. There is just a seperation of time, so certain events would be shifted to have occured later than it did previously. The events, in relation to when the Stealth Project Ship reappeared, would still happen as it has already, as is described by the site. Seccour 14:20, 2 May 2007 (MDT)

Well, I've adjusted character's ages to reconcile differences between different plots/posts/backstory. I guess it works for me. (:

Bob 00:59, 9 May 2007 (MDT)