How to Play

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Starting Out

Game play is conducted by free submission (meaning you can submit whenever you wish, there is no player order, etc) emails to an email list. This submission is a story formatted addition to the running plot. The submission is called a post.


Below would be an example post emailed to the list,

From: player
Subject: Posting


Johntson ran up the corridor, his gauss pistol in hand. The Darkarian was around here somewhere. Honestly he was scared out his wits, but an order was an order. Unfortunately, the team of 12 marines behind him didn't calm his nerves. He knew the Darkarians were evil, powerful, and relentless. He had some experience with them, but usually always behind the safety line... NRPG - Tag to the Marines Lt. Johntson Marines USI Avalon

There are several parts to the post itself. The first part is the RPG. This is how readers know when the following are part of the story itself, their submission to the running story. The second is the NRPG. This is where you can specify tags or clarification of the post or previous posts which may have caused confusion. You should not 'chat' in NRPG's or carry on conversations. A seperate list or Forum will be made available for casual conversation. Tags are indications that you'd like a person to respond specifically to your post, or to help those who don't follow the flow of the story know if its their turn. The last is the Signature. This lets us know who is posting, or who the post is relevant for.

Posting to your ship, or email list is an essential part of playing. Because you are playing with a group of people, its important that you stay active and post frequent enough to maintain your position on that list. Lack of posting will eventually lead to removal from the list and the Character being removed from our system.

Handbooks for Gameplay : Cadet Handbook | Captains Handbook | Admirals Handbook