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What is Halo ?

Halo is a custom list server software written entirely in PHP for USI-RPG by Mike (Talmage) Thompson. While Halo is considered to be Alpha software, it is incredible stable and has been tested on several Platforms. Halo is currently hosted in a KVM Linux environment. Halo allows us to tightly integrate website features directly into the list server as well as provide new features as we see fit.

  • Current Version: 2
  • OS: [Debian]
  • System Memory: 196MB
  • Processor: KVM Linux (64bit Intel)
  • Written by : Mike Thompson


  • Current Version: 2
  • OS: [Debian]
  • System Memory: 64MB
  • Processor: 350 Mhz MIPS 4k
  • Written by : Mike Thompson

New Versions ?

Halo Version 3 is currently being planned.


At this time, Halo is not available for release. We are considering plans for a service based list hosting. Details will be released on this page.