Cellular Regenerators

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General Information

Scanning the damaged cells within a living being, the Cellular Regenerator can determine its original sequence by mapping out the DNA and RNA located within the Nucleus. The Cellular regenerator then proceeds to " graft " on extra cells in the sequence determined by the scanned DNA and RNA. The end result is a rapid repair of mass damaged cells. Limited to stations only, they require several dedicated power cores. The CR also a SVAPA module, which can enabled patients in the CR to still communicate and interact with the outside world.

For the CR to work at an optimal level, both good existing DNA cells and a recent ( within 6 months ) medical report are requested. The CR can function without the medical report, but it is not recommended.

The CR also takes into account the current age of the organism. One reason why a medical report is highly requested. The cells are rebuilt in accordance of the natural life cycle of the being. If this is not taken into account it is possible for a patients body to completely reject the regeneration, leaving him dead. The CR cannot be used to reverse the effects of life.


Organisms with Cybornetic implants must be attended by a qualified CR technician (High Level Doctor.) Cybornetic implants CAN interfere with the automatica repair capibility of the CR, and if present the automatic repair will be disabled forcing repair to be done manually by the Doctor.

Brain damage itself can be fixed, however appropriate side effects may still exist, IE, Memory Loss. As with muscle, extensive therepy, Mental and Psionic will be required to bring the patient back into normal condition.

The Cellular regenerator cannot be used to fix birth mutations. Other medical proceedures may be used to fix those.

The CR is not compatible with Energy Beings.

Newly discovered beings/races may not use the CR, since it is not trained / programmed to repair their biology. Some species are not compatible with Regeneration, such as the Matrix, Darkarians, and Rotorans. It simply does nothing.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


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